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by Nadia on September 2, 2011

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Deen is 4 years and 6 months old.

We started the week off doing Jolanthe’s Doctor Preschool Pack.

Dr. Deen got dressed and immediately started working with his patients.
First he made sure that the nurse had band-aids ready for his patients by tracing along their path.
He then examined the frog patient. The frogs heartbeat seemed to be a bit of a problem. ;)

We then discussed different types of injuries and how many band-aids might be required for each type of injury. I would give him examples such as:

Me: “Dr Deen, Froggy’s son came in with a scraped knee. How many band-aids does he need?”
Deen: One or two.

Me: ‘Daadi (granny) came in with a broken leg(she did actually break her leg a few weeks ago). How many band-aids will she need?
Deen: “All my bandages!”

We did this using many different scenarios and he enjoyed telling me how many band-aids he thought each patient would need.

We did a volcano activity kit which I wasn’t too impressed with. Our homemade Volcano was more fun for me because of Deen’s expression and surprise. Here he expected the volcano “lava” to come out. When we did it previously he had no idea what would happen and was impressed that we could make a volcano with household items.

We made a shapes person from 2 Teaching Mommies. Deen really enjoyed playing Reading Eggs. Reading Eggs has been one of my best educational purchases!
He learned the letter: a, m, s, t, b, c
Sight Words: am, at
Deen now recognises 17 of his Alphabet letters (upper and lower case) and the sounds each on of them makes. He is now able to read a few three letter words.

He also used our trays this week.

For this hide and seek sensory activity I purchased a few small doctor themed items, took a picture of it, printed the cards and had Deen find each of the items. He loved this activity.
He loved feeling the rice with his face.We started using the preschool art book called “The Way They See It” by the author of Artistic Pursuits. The first lesson was to have a child examine a picture of a vase and the little objects the artist added to it like the bugs and shells next to the vase. It made him more aware of items hidden in pictures and paintings.
He then painted a vase with flowers (the way he sees it). He then drew a green squiggly line which he said was a snake. The snake was his ‘extra’ item.

Deen is not normally interested in drawing but after we did “The Way They See It” he wanted to draw more things. We used the “I Can Draw Animals” and he attempted to draw a cat and a lion.

He first drew the lion on the left and he wasn’t satisfied with it. He then drew the lion on the right and was very proud of his lion.

He then drew a cat. (A bit of an Alien like cat.)

I was so proud of him! This was the first time he actually decided to draw anything specific.

This is the card he chose for his Dad’s birthday. This was the first card he has ever written his own name.

This was the first time Deen ever wrote his name. (19th of August 2011). I am so proud of him!!

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