Two years ago we were sent The All About Reading Pre-Reading Program to review. Life happened and I wasn’t actually able to put it into use at that time. The company never once sent me an email inquiring or forcing me to do a review. I admired that. The kids are both settled in their new schools (which they both started last year) but I feel like they have the drive to learn more and I would love to teach them in an independent way too so that I can help them through any struggles that they may have with reading.

The activities take at most 20 minutes a day! It takes about 5-10 minutes if you don’t do the craft activity. Children learn important skills that I am sure will help them fly through reading. I assume that’s why its their Pre-Reading version. The first few lessons have a lot to do with rhyming which I think will definitely help in terms of fluency when Aaliya does start reading. If she can recognize that the ending of certain words are similar she will fly through her reading books instead of having to read through every part of common or rhyming words.

Aaliya is in grade 00 (Pre-k) but in her school they do not teach them any letter sounds or writing as they don’t believe they should be pushed at this age. I personally believe that we should follow the child’s lead and Aaliya is definitely ready for letter sounds and maybe even some light reading.

A little about the All About Reading Program (Pre-Reading).


The program and activities work on

  • Letter recognition
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Print Awareness
  • Listening Comprehension
  • and Motivation to read

I received the deluxe package which includes everything you see in the first picture of this post.

My kids absolutely love AAR. They have fallen in love with Ziggy the Zebra and we are creating an even greater love for reading.Allaboutreading1

Here they are doing the craft activity for the letter B.allaboutreading8

Ziggy reads the stories with us and watches the kids color.


Here Aaliya is working on her rhyming cards. She is great with rhyming.


She and Deen got into an argument so she was upset and went to lie down.


Ziggy spoke for her and broke the ice and she was back to her happy eager self.


I think the All About Reading program would be great to add on to your letter of the week activities. I have only worked with Pre-reading but am sure that the levels above Pre-Reading would be even more magical. I love that there is a ‘script’ for Ziggy during some of the lessons so I don’t have to come up with what to say. The script generally gives me new ideas on how to go ahead with the activities in a more fun way!

My only hesitation is that I think I might have started Aaliya a bit late on this program as she seems to be flying through it. I could have definitely started her when she turned 4 but that could also be because she enjoys the program so much!

I have included a short youtube video of us playing with Ziggy so you can see for yourself how wonderful and fun the program is for us

Aaliya Playing with Ziggy the Zebra


My son Deen loves to join in on any activity we are doing so he helped me by setting up some of the activities like for rhyming cards we needed to set up 3 cards, 2 that rhymed and 1 that didn’t. He did this part for me which was excellent for his own learning too!

He told me, “Mom you always come up with the best activities. They are always so much fun.”

I am so happy that we are creating these beautiful memories!




My Two Year Absence

by Nadia on June 30, 2014

in Our Family

To my blog readers, I apologise for not updating my blog for a long time. Life has been really busy for the past two years and it has kept me from focusing my energy here.

I decided to complete my undergrad degree two years ago and when I had any extra time I was using that time to study. But God had a surprise for me, in March 2013 I was given a gift, I was pregnant! I had a very hard pregnancy and did not leave my bed much. It was a very difficult time for me. My kids and husband had to be patient and I had to take a break from my degree (once again).

In October 2013 we were blessed with our third child, a beautiful baby girl who has brought so much more joy and love into our lives!

She is now 8 months old and in a few months will be starting Tot School with me at home.

Deen and Aaliya are both in school but I do love to teach them at home too as I feel independent one on one teaching is very helpful at this age.

Deen is halfway through Grade 1 and Aaliya is halfway through grade 00 (Pre-K).

Thank you for sticking around!


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