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Bugs Themed Sensory Bin

by Nadia Tayob on September 6, 2011

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Our theme this week was bugs so I set out a Bugs themed sensory bin. I have been collecting different types of bugs for a while in order to use them for our sensory bin.
I died rice green to make grass. (I need to find a better way of coloring rice in bulk.)
I added some big ladybugs as well as some small ladybugs.
I placed some butterflies and some dragonflies around the bin as well as on the tree.
I put in some cups for scooping, pouring, and sorting.

A used the bugs sensory bin in many ways
She felt the rice and bugs with her feet.
She pushed the cups under the rice and hid some of the bugs.

She did some sorting by placing all the baby(small) ladybugs in a cup.

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